Le Chateaubriand: Restraint be damned!

I didn’t take any pictures of this dinner, my first full menu dégustation in Paris. These days it’s not real if it’s not pictured, posted, liked and shared but, in this case, it doesn’t matter. There are millions of Le Chateaubriand photos in the cloud. I also didn’t have enough composure to capture the profound four-hour state of ecstasy I experienced – Olé!

I can’t absorb alcohol. I’m missing the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme that strips the hydrogen atoms from the poisonous chemical compound acetaldehyde, a Group 1 carcinogen, produced by the initial breakdown of neurotoxic psychoactive ethanol in alcoholic drinks.

WTF? In the past, this might have manifested as a mad vomiting session in the men’s toilet of a seedy New York City comedy club, hyperventilating on a Madrid street with relatives staring in disbelief or spewing Roman Christmas salmon all over my ex-brother-in-law’s kitchen floor (that was actually morning sickness but it’s all the same thing in the end).

Despite these precious memories, when I finally secured a reservation at Iñaki Aizpitarte’s Le Chateaubriand, I gladly said ƒµ©|< off! to my absurd reality and dove straight into the abyss. With my Ethiopian ally, we ordered the menu dégustation, asked for the full wine/alcohol plate pairings and spent my kids’ savings to cover our bill. Oops!

Le Chateaubriand « had us at the first amuse bouche. » Some things in life are just not worth resisting. As Bogart declares in Sabrina, « Never resist an impulse … especially if it’s terrible! » Through a beautiful blur of champagne, cider, wine, saké and god knows what else (good thing I saved the menu), we inhaled the final tocino de cielo and felt life turn into glorious song



Le Chateaubriand
129, avenue Parmentier
75011 Paris
Tel: +33 1 43 57 45 95
Website: http://www.lechateaubriand.net

About the author:

RCL is a « Random Chinese Lady ». The author is not random, nor Chinese and sometimes not very « ladylike », but the adopted title fits well for such a misfit. RCL is American and Italian and lives in Paris with two entertaining kids. Her main aspiration is simple – to enjoy family and friendship through food!

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