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Martini ♥ Food : Le Fooding: Guardians of La Galaxie Gastronomique

Attending Le Fooding’s 15th Anniversary (June 5-7, 2015) was like going to a magnificent royal ball. And the biggest plus? There was no pressure to get a gown, wear glass slippers, find prince… Lire la suite

David Toutain: Tous les goûts sont dans La Nature

My dad would have deeply appreciated the dinner I had at Restaurant David Toutain in Paris’s 7th Arrondissement. Before he retired, he was a landscape architect with a limitless knowledge and passion for… Lire la suite

Le Chateaubriand: Restraint be damned!

I didn’t take any pictures of this dinner, my first full menu dégustation in Paris. These days it’s not real if it’s not pictured, posted, liked and shared but, in this case, it… Lire la suite

Martini ♥ Food : Sixth Sense at Heimat

The best lunch I’ve had so far in Paris has been at Heimat* in the first arrondissement. A friend actually canceled on me the morning we were supposed to meet, but I didn’t… Lire la suite

La Dame de Pic: Kitchen of culinary ninjas

I wish I could beam the kitchen and the staff of La Dame de Pic directly into my apartment. Of course, I think I only have room for one of the beautiful white lamps… Lire la suite

Le Dauphin: first Parisian « Coup de Foudre »

I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed several amazing meals in my life, and they all remain blissfully leaping about in my head like some crazy never-ending happily-ever-after musical. I can’t resist… Lire la suite

Me and My Pizza – by RCL

It was just me and my pizza. Finally face to face after so many dreams, conversations and tall tales of the glorious pizza napoletana, the best pizza in the world! Travelling by train… Lire la suite

The Freelance Conspiracy Theory – by Melinda Lewis

Is the “Freelance Economy” as good as everyone makes it out to be?  As more and more colleagues are becoming consultants and freelancers, I am shifting away from working independently for a few… Lire la suite